‘COVID-19 April Diary is an exhibition of new paintings developed in response to the COVID-19 crisis. Like a lot of creatives, as the crisis unfolded I found myself unable to continue with the work I was doing for what was to be a solo show as part of Kilkenny Arts Festival. By the end of March I was cocooning and listening to the news and I realised I could not ignore the worldwide pandemic unfolding outside my studio walls.
I decided to work with 40x40cm panels, using a grid comprised of 961 squares. A grid acts both as protection and confinement, which is how I felt about cocooning. I was a little startled when I first saw the colours of the virus coming out of China: they seemed very attractive for such a deadly entity, but they certainly informed my palette. 
I set to work, using the statistics from the previous day, and although I seldom finished a panel in a single day I managed to get down the bones. Towards the middle of the month the numbers started to go askew with test results arriving back from Germany late, and the number of new cases threatened to overwhelm both my grid and our health system. But gradually the threat receded and order was restored. 
It has been and remains an extraordinary period: the awfulness of the pain, suffering and death being in some respects outweighed by outpourings of kindness and love. As a society we have learned much and I hope we can retain some of this knowledge to better ourselves and our society.’